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In this article you will learn everything about our Road Logistics Service, KN EuroLink. We inform you about what advantages you have by which product variant (Classic, Fix, First).

Road Logistics

KN EuroLink

Europe has many faces: Varied laws and regulations make the international transport of goods an often arduous undertaking. As diverse as Europe is, your customers expect just one thing: that their freight be delivered reliably.

KN EuroLink offers the perfect solution: Keep the promises you make to your customers, increase the efficiency of your supply chain, and maintain full control of your shipments at all times. 

The KN EuroLink Scheduler was developed to provide comprehensive planning security for your consolidated freight. Get a comprehensive overview of our international consolidation services and their respective transit times in just a few seconds — from collection to delivery.

No matter where your freight is shipped from or to, our dispatcher will provide reliable information on lead times and additional services that are available.

Do you need your freight to be delivered on a particular day within a defined time window or as quickly as possible? Do you require additional services such as deliveries using a vehicle with a tail lift, time window deliveries, or customs services? Choose from our product variants: KN EuroLink Classic, KN EuroLink Fix, or KN EuroLink First, and find out which additional services are available for each post code.

  • KN EuroLink Classic: When you need standard delivery times for your freight

  • KN EuroLink Fix: When you need your freight to arrive on a certain day

  • KN EuroLink First: When you need your freight to be delivered quickly

With the Fix and First services, you also benefit from a 100% money-back guarantee on extra costs.

Should you have any other questions, please refer to our website or get in touch with your Kuehne+Nagel contact person. 

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