During the last years, increased customer requirements caused by concentration on own core competencies led to a significant service portfolio extension in the field of contract logistics. These so-called value-added services relate to material, information and financial flows and partly feature a high complexity. By means of innovative cooperation, logistics costs and service level can be considerably optimized.

Value Added Services of Kuehne + Nagel
Kuehne + Nagel offers its customers a broad portfolio of value-added services, which are related both to operational and administrative processes. Here, we either rely on globally implemented best practice solutions for certain industries or design customer-specific value-added services on demand. Kuehne + Nagel is your logistics value-adding partner in Switzerland as well as in over 100 countries at more than 500 locations.

Examples of proven value added services provided by Kuehne + Nagel Switzerland

Production Logistics

Supply of the production facility with partial components for the manufacturing
Delivered in the right quantity and quality, at the right time JIT(Just-in-Time-Concept) and, if required, in the right sequence JIS (Just-in-Sequence-Concept)

Spare Parts Logistics

Supplying spare parts throughout the entire product life cycle
by means of fast and reliable transport solutions, based on agreed lead times (different service levels)


Professional and efficient co-packing
Repacking, wrapping or enclosing according to customer-specific requirements, preceding delivery to the point of sale or final consumer

All provided value added services are based on the use of our globally standardized IT-System as well as the Kuehne + Nagel Production System (KNPS), which includes the continuous improvement process as an integral part.