Most of the world’s companies manage no strategically developed but a rather historically grown supply chain. In the course of organic or acquisition-driven growth decentralised logistics structures have evolved, which are characterised by a large number of used logistics services providers as well as a lack of transparency and flexibility.  Failing to integrate different internal and external IT-systems prevents the achievement of data visibility regarding parameters like costs and shipment volumes.

Kuehne + Nagel Logistics Control Tower

Our globally implemented logistics control towers form the backbone of the business unit integrated logistics, functioning as the link between our customer and all used logistics service providers. Over 1'000 qualified specialists provide a wide range of logistics and supply chain management services in 9 logistics control towers worldwide. This centralised management results in different benefits for our customers like increased transparency, flexibility and agility on a global scale.

Advantages of the Logistics Control Tower

  • Order fulfilment
    Easy to configure, flexible, secure and reliable order data integration – reducing cost to serve
  • Transport management
    Planned and optimised shipments and streamlined communication between all parties
  • Inventory management
    Improved warehouse and transport inventory
  • Visibility & monitoring
    Real-time, fully supply chain transparency for improved service levels and traceability
  • Freight settlement
    Accurate and reliable management of billing, audit and payment activities
  • Request & deviation management
    Maximised service levels through request tracking and incident handling